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The changing weather makes it easy enough to get excited about fall. In some places, it may already be here. September 22 marks the first official day of the new season. If you’re like me, there is so much to look forward to over the next three months. Days of warm drinks, flavorful soups, cozy boots, and DIY projects are just ahead. It also marks the beginning of the impending holiday season, leaving plenty of time to prepare. Use this time to relax, and appreciate your surroundings. Right now, the online world is littered with ways to celebrate. Take these ideas, and bring them to life.

Make Your Own Scarecrow

The Budget Decorator features the perfect DIY decor scarecrow tutorial. This is the perfect porch decoration that can be made either friendly or scary. The supply list includes old clothes, a pillowcase, straw, rope, plastic bags, safety pins, and markers or felt. After tying the openings of the clothes shut, stuff the body with the bags (or newspapers). Wire can be placed inside in order to make it easier to position your scarecrow. If you want to go above and beyond, use a pumpkin for the head. Decorate according to your tastes.

Cute Yet Creepy Halloween Makeup 

It’s not Halloween yet, but looks like this take practice to perfect. Use September to stock up on supplies, and test your look out to prevent pre-party panic. Herbs and Oils has examples of three different great looks. I love the scarecrow, but you could also be a Cheshire Cat, or something that resembles a character from a Tim Burton film. Using theatrical makeup is a new way to look both pretty, and scary. This trend offers a great alternative to having to choose between the two.

Jack-O-Lantern Waffles

Host a fabulous fall brunch with friends, family, or both. Jack-O-Lantern waffles are likely to be a festive and delicious addition. The recipe is very simple, and only requires the addition of orange food coloring to the waffle batter. Chocolate chips are used to make the eyes, and toothy grin. For a healthy alternative, add canned pumpkin instead of food coloring for a naturally seasonal taste.

Erupting Pumpkins

Remember the volcano experiments in science class? This builds on the same concept, but uses a pumpkin instead of plaster. Carve the pumpkin first, then add baking soda, and white vinegar. Food coloring can be added to up the excitement level.

September Baby Names

Baby Names Log is worth visiting for anyone interested in astrology, statistics, or who is due to give birth at any time. The site gives a history of the names, and possible personality traits of those born during the fall. Names like Aster, Medi, Sapphi, and Septima can provide inspiration for those seeking uniqueness. Have a new puppy? You could name it Selima, Gwenyth, or even September.

Today starts the three-day countdown to the official beginning of fall. Pinterest, or a wealth of independent blogs provide countless ideas for family friendly activities. Plan a festive outfit for the upcoming work-week. Make a themed menu for a weekend dinner party. Live life to the fullest, and celebrate fall!

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A Dress for All Seasons: 5 Tips for Styling a Shirt Dress http://kloodin.com/brandy/a-dress-for-all-seasons-5-tips-for-styling-a-shirt-dress/ http://kloodin.com/brandy/a-dress-for-all-seasons-5-tips-for-styling-a-shirt-dress/#comments Mon, 15 Sep 2014 01:26:15 +0000 http://kloodin.com/?p=852 If there’s one piece of clothing in your closet that ca […]

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Flickr;  Maegan TintariIf there’s one piece of clothing in your closet that can be worn year-round, it’s a shirt dress. Shirt dresses should be considered a staple in every woman’s wardrobe as it can be dressed up or down for nearly any occasion. The fabric, color, and details are what make a shirt dress casual, formal, or any style in between. Check out these trendy tips for styling a shirt dress.

1. Go Semi-Sheer

For a classy and sophisticated look, opt for a layered, semi-sheer shirt dress. This simplistic, yet elegant combination is excellent for special events or dinner out with your significant other. Match your white ensemble with a patterned clutch for a touch of color and texture, along with some bangles on your arm.

2. Make It Denim

The denim trend is in full-force and looks great in the form of shirt dresses. A denim shirt dress is a fresh and modern take on this classic staple. Match your denim with an edgy, studded necklace, leather handbag, and lace-up booties for the perfect fun and feminine look. If you’re not into a full-fledged denim shirt dress, consider wearing a denim button-up jacket over a white shirt dress.

3. Add a Belt

You can’t go wrong when you add a belt to a shirt dress. Whether super skinny or thick and detailed, a belt can define a woman’s waist and enhance her feminine figure. Add a pair of cute booties or sandals to your ensemble, along with a small clutch and you’re ready to go. Remember to choose a belt that contrasts with the color of the dress to make it really stand out.

4. Try Monochrome

If bold and classy is you’re style, opt for a monochrome ensemble – or all black and white. Consider an all-white button-up shirt dress with crisp white color to serve as a solid base upon which to build a clean outfit. Add a pair of black leather booties or heels, a black leather clutch or handbag, and a pair of dark statement-making sunglasses to complete your refined look.

5. With Jeans

Shorter shirt dresses can easily be paired with a flattering pair of jeans for a super casual look. Wear your shirt dress open to show off a cute lace-detailed tank underneath. Add layered beaded necklaces and a couple thin bracelets to pull the look together. Throw on a pair of your favorite athletic shoes or sneakers – perfect for running errands or a day out with the kids.

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Housekeeping and Home Managements Apps http://kloodin.com/sarah/housekeeping-and-home-managements-apps/ http://kloodin.com/sarah/housekeeping-and-home-managements-apps/#comments Thu, 11 Sep 2014 20:59:36 +0000 http://kloodin.com/?p=806 Housekeeping and home management can be a full time job […]

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Housekeeping and home management can be a full time job. Even though deep cleaning is usually reserved for spring, autumn can be a great time to get organized before the cold weather sets in. Establishing new habits for cooking, cleaning, storage, and more, can shave time off your daily routine. There are a number of new apps that have been designed to help you do just that. Using technology can be the next best thing to hiring household help.

Home Routines

Home Routines is best used for tasks that need to be repeated on a regular basis. Once a schedule is created, Home Routines will send you a reminder when it is time to complete a chore. For a job well done, you get a gold star. A timer is included to help with productivity and time-managment. You can designated certain areas in your home as zones to focus on during different weeks of the month.


Bright Nest, powered by Angie’s list, considers itself The Brighter Side of Home Maintenance. Avalable on iTunes and Google Play, this app helps with organization, DIY crafts, and tips. By answering a questionnaire, Bright Nest can provide customized recommendations for your home. For those of you with extra time on your hands, there are tutorials for home decor and up cycling projects. Recipes for making your own detergents are also included to help you save money on everyday cleaning supplies.


Chorma is great for coordinating duties with household members. This is a modern version of a chore chart, with the ability to delegate to each family member. Completed tasks earn rewards. Tasks can be assigned to a person, or left unclaimed for a volunteer.


Cozi is known as a must-have app for the modern family. It prides itself on being simple to use, as well as simplifying home life. September is the perfect time to add Cozi to your touchscreen just in time for back-to-school activities. This app also allows sharing of lists and tasks between the household.

Motivated Moms

Motivated Moms is categorized as a chore planning system. In addition to your phone, Motivated Moms can be used on iPads, or downloaded as an ebook. It was designed to eliminate long chore days, and instead break them up into shorter goals. A calendar system is used to allow you to plan ahead.

Green Shine

Green Shine takes a new approach by dividing the house into separate rooms to focus on. Lists of supplies needed are included to save time. Instructions for less common tasks like sofa cleaning are added for a one-stop experience.

My Things

My Things is the “Complete File Manager for Personal Items.”  This $4.99 productivity app keeps track of what you own, and where it is stored. It could be a lifesaver for locating once-a-year items like seasonal decorations in the attic.

Green Shine, Motivated Moms, Cozi and other housekeeping apps can be similar. Not all of them are needed to maximize your chore potential. With smartphones, you can share lists, organize calendars, and keep track of stored items. Finding the right app for you is essential to its usefulness. Home maintenance should be both fun, as well as organized.


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Join the Denim Trend: 10 Styles of Jeans Worth Wearing http://kloodin.com/brandy/join-the-denim-trend-10-styles-of-jeans-worth-wearing/ http://kloodin.com/brandy/join-the-denim-trend-10-styles-of-jeans-worth-wearing/#comments Sun, 07 Sep 2014 16:17:06 +0000 http://kloodin.com/?p=831 Everyone owns a pair of jeans, but not everyone is awar […]

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Attribution: Flickr;  adifansnetEveryone owns a pair of jeans, but not everyone is aware of the slew of denim trends available. From boot-cut and relaxed fit to distressed and washed-out, denim jeans have just got a lot more interesting. Check out these popular denim trends for the upcoming seasons.

1. Baggy Jeans

Jump into the loose-fit jean phenomenon that has become increasingly popular as of late. Roll up the bottoms for a tighter fit around the ankle, and wear a belt to pull the look together.

2. Straight Leg

The straight leg look is back in style. Straight leg jeans look best when slightly distressed for a laid-back, cool fit. Grab a few naturally-distressed pairs from your local thrift store, as vintage never goes out of style.

3. Boyfriend Jeans

They’re not too baggy and not too tight. Boyfriend jeans fit comfortably and are available in a variety of colors, including stark white and traditional denim blue.

4. Skinny Jeans

If you don’t mind showing off your feminine figure, slip on a pair of skinny jeans. This type of denim fits like a glove and is all the rage at the moment. Pair your skinny jeans with some neutral accessories to achieve an all-around classic look.

5. Culottes

Culottes feature a style that is reminisce of yesteryear and is totally different than the norm. The wide, cropped legs are very 1970’s and looks fantastic when paired with traditional pieces, such as a floral blouse or neutral tank top.

6. Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans make your legs look as if they go on for miles, a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. This type of denim is best paired with an elongated top and high-heel combo.

7. High-Waisted

From A-line skirts to skimpy bikinis, the high-waisted trend is still in full-force. Try a pair of high-waisted jeans in a soothing gray hue. These jeans are not too tight and can take a lot of wear and tear.

8. Shredded

All styles of denim jeans can benefit from a little shredding. The shredded denim look is casual, fun and flirty, and ripped in all the right places. If you’re tired of the classic blue look, opt for shredded denim in white, pink or green.

9. Stocking Jeans

Stocking jeans have become ultra-popular due to their comfy fit and sleek appearance. Similar to leggings, these stockings are body-hugging, showing off the feminine curves of a woman.

10. Flared Out

Bring back the ‘70s with flare style denim jeans. Opt for a vibrant colorful pair of flare jeans to make them more modern, with a bit of stretch to make them oh-so-comfortable and form-fitting.

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The Latest Travel-Friendly Mobile Apps http://kloodin.com/sarah/the-latest-travel-friendly-mobile-apps/ http://kloodin.com/sarah/the-latest-travel-friendly-mobile-apps/#comments Fri, 05 Sep 2014 19:13:18 +0000 http://kloodin.com/?p=784 Without proper preparation, travel for either business […]

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smartphone travel

Without proper preparation, travel for either business or leisure can be a stressful experience. Using your phone to plan can ensure that you bring all of the right items along. Since most places have internet access, apps can also keep you up to date on delays, connections, and even the weather at your destination. With airplane mode, stay entertained with games, reading material, music or movies throughout the duration of your flight. Trip planners can even access GPS to find the closest restaurants, and best driving directions. 2014 is the year to travel smart with mobile technology.


PackPoint is available through both iTunes and Google Play. Instead of being a generic list creator, (like Wunderlist), PackPoint takes information about your trip, and generates customized packing suggestions. By answering questions about what activities you plan on doing, you can avoid being over or under-dressed for any occasion. Efficient packing can help to save money on checked baggage fees. If you’re into using more than one travel app, PackPoint can easily sync with TripIt.


TripIt from Concur works as your own personal, (and free!) travel agent. The days of printing your itinerary and hoping you don’t lose it are over. Having flight details and an activity calendar on hand can free up your mind for more fun. TripIt is also available on both iTunes and Google Play. For extra ease, you can forward trip confirmations through email to create an instant itinerary instead of entering it all on touchscreen. You can sync your trips with Google accounts, or share with family and friends (way faster than text).


Waze is a top-rated navigation app that should be put to use immediately after you reach your destination. It features real time traffic information from other people on the road. Just by driving with the app open, you contribute to the community’s knowledge. It can track the movements of you and your friends, so you know what time everyone arrives at their destination. The most valuable part of Waze is the ability to avoid detours, road blocks, and accidents. This can be especially important if driving in unfamiliar territory with the lack of a tour guide. Waze proves to be a mobile app that can be used at home, in addition to during travel.

XE Currency Converter

In the case of international travel, XE Currency Converter is available to handle all of your money needs. The app is updated in real time to reflect the most accurate exchange rates. Keep in mind, all sums are given before exchange rates are deducted. From their site, you can download XE Currency Converter for any mobile device.

Whether you’re driving to the next town, or flying across the world, employing the assistance of travel apps can make your trip easier. Use PackPoint to plan your luggage, TripIt to manage your itinerary, and Waze for the most up-to-date GPS navigation. Most important of all, don’t forget your charger!


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Never apply for a job! Instead you should… http://kloodin.com/robert/never-apply-for-a-job-instead-you-should/ http://kloodin.com/robert/never-apply-for-a-job-instead-you-should/#comments Fri, 05 Sep 2014 18:10:59 +0000 http://kloodin.com/?p=820 So there I was, just like you are now. Professional, sm […]

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So there I was, just like you are now. Professional, smart, accomplished, eager, certified, ready. In my personal case, I was transitioning from 20 years in the U.S. Navy. My resume was professionally made. I sharpened my LinkedIn profile.  I researched my target career industry. I had a list of corporations and a longer list of job boards. I even had a spreadsheet of answers ready to cut and paste into the most common questions. When I hit the “go” button, I applied to at least five solid opportunities a day.

Sound familiar?

Please submit your application here

Please submit your application here

Weeks later I heard nothing more than the occasional automated Taleo robot reply. I did receive a few outright rejections, but nothing remotely close to forward progress.  I was dumping all my time and effort into a black hole.

Have you been there?  Are you there right now?  Well I thought something was wrong. Then the Einstein insanity quote hit me. Something was wrong.  I decided I needed to change my approach.

Back to LinkedIn

How did I miss the fact that I had a neighbor who worked for one of the companies?  Silly to say this while looking back, but in the neighborhood, we are this kid’s daddy and this kid’s mommy.  We forget that people have their corporate alter ego.  Well perusing my LinkedIn connections, there she was.  My neighbor was right on my screen working for that company.  So, I put my resume and a cover letter in an executive folder, walked over to her home, and asked her if she could help refer me for a job in her company.

Activate warp drive!  I was interviewing and ultimately hired before I knew it!  I was hugely thankful and very successful.  For a bit of a moment, I thought I could be lucky.  However it is more than that, I stumbled onto something that others already knew.

Now that I am in, I know what I should have been doing from the beginning.  I know what you should be doing right now:

Always get referred to a job

You may already know this, but I did not.  Many – perhaps most – businesses financially reward their employees for making successful candidate referrals.  Businesses pay a ton of money to recruiting firms and job placement services to find top talent.  They actually save money by paying their employees a few hundred bucks to send a good candidate their way.  So imagine yourself in their position.  Imagine referring your friend for a great position and getting paid if they get hired.  You not only get to share the emotional reward of helping a friend, but also get a bump in your paycheck.

A job referral sounds great!

A job referral sounds great!

Wait, it gets better!  Many corporations also add a higher priority to referred candidates.  If you think about it, that makes sense.  Do you trust the application you received off the street, or do you trust the commented referral received from one of your own employees who knows the business and has a stake in the business’s success?  Instead of dumping effort into a black hole, you are now getting your information flagged as a priority submission and landing on someone’s lap!

It is the best of every world.  Your time is recognized, an employee gets rewarded, and the company makes everyone happy.  Triple win!

Again, never apply for a job.  Always always always get referred to a job.

Ok.  So now what?

LinkedIn is your professional network

Get hot on LinkedIn.  Hot as in active.  Not hot as in selfies on Facebook or Myspace.  LinkedIn is your professional network.  Sign up for free if you haven’t already.  Setup your profile, get a professional photo (remember the JcPenney photo studio?) and then start reaching out all those people on all those business cards you have.  I’m sure you have cards somewhere.  In your purse, in your wallet, in the corner of your desk.  These are people you actually met once upon a time or just the other day.  Look them up on LinkedIn and start connecting as their friend.

Plug in the names of parents you know and of friends you’ve helped.  Expand your immediate network as much as you can.  Once you do, you will uncover the true power of LinkedIn: the expanded network.

Much like any other social network, LinkedIn lets you look for friends of friends and connections of connections.  Because LinkedIn is focused on professional endeavors, you will be able to see the employers of your expanded network.  Your immediate and expanded network is your massive resource of opportunity.

Seek a job but don’t apply yet

Now it’s time to go back to those job boards like Indeed and Monster to look for your ideal job.  Follow up to the actual company website to see if the job is still active on their career page.  At this point, do not apply.  Instead, head back to LinkedIn and search for a connection or an expanded network connection who already works for that company.

Always ask for the referral

Whether you are reaching out to a family member, friend, or complete stranger, keep in mind that you are working to bring solutions and benefits to them.  Hiring managers post external jobs because they need someone yesterday.  You are aiming to make that company happy, the hiring manager happy, and the referring person (who earns a referral bonus remember) happy.  You are working to make their day better.  Be sincere and comfortable in your outreach.

Tell your connection that you saw the job opening and specifically ask them if they would recommend you for the position.  Again, most major companies have a referral system like this.  After they refer you, you will typically receive an email from the company asking you to apply for the position.  Isn’t it great how things turn around?!

The ultimate access idea:  The Free Lunch

Now if you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to a connection you don’t actually know, ask an intermediate connection if they can setup a meeting.  For example, If your 1st LinkedIn connection Susan is connected to a local Xerox employee named Bill (making him your second connection), ask Susan if she can introduce you to Bill.  If everyone is local, make this easy by asking if you can take both of them to lunch.

Now who refuses a free lunch?  $20 at Panera is a pretty reasonable investment when you are pursuing a career worth thousands.  Strategize a bit so as to not waste your time and money.  Sometimes you may be surprised that the other person invites you to lunch.  That actually happened to me for another company!  I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens for you, too.  It is hard to find great talent.  They will be thrilled when they discover you!

Network like you are in an interview … because you are

Prepared to market his success

Prepared to market his success

When you are talking business, be prepared to talk business.  Show your friends and family that you care about their reputation by being prepared to professionally represent yourself.  Show your new connection that you value their time by demonstrating your worth.  It is important to observe that people will be reluctant to refer a poor candidate even if they could get paid for the hire.  Why?  Because nobody wants to be at fault for “that guy”.  Nobody.  Take this process seriously.  Have fun.  Be yourself.  Be professionally prepared.

Ask for help here on KloodIn

Give this approach a shot and then let’s talk about it right here on KloodIn.  Here and happy to help.


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One Man’s Story – Love of family, food and community http://kloodin.com/leslie/one-mans-story-love-of-family-food-and-community/ http://kloodin.com/leslie/one-mans-story-love-of-family-food-and-community/#comments Thu, 04 Sep 2014 18:27:12 +0000 http://kloodin.com/?p=802 Amid a bevy of busy small businesses in a shopping mall […]

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Scott Bowman

Scott Bowman

Amid a bevy of busy small businesses in a shopping mall near a bustling highway lies a little restaurant, seemingly undisturbed by the rush of autos and urbanites not far from downtown Toledo. As you enter the restaurant, there is no contemporary glare, blaring music or even the hint of cooking gas. It is a quiet ambiance, and it is truly a reflection of its owner, Scott Bowman.

Scott Bowman is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, negotiator, and most importantly, a family man. He knew exactly what he wanted and set out to do it quite successfully. He is the proud owner of Fowl & Fodder Restaurant in Toledo. The concept was simple. Pure and simple food for the public grown and produced by local farmers and food cooked from scratch presented in an atmosphere resembling a comforting rural countryside. Bowman has a spirit and vitality that most entrepreneurs possess-a keen eye for success. As a young man, he started in the business, unbeknownst of his future, as a server. He was determined to learn all the possible positions and elements of the trade to the point where he was being hired to come into new restaurants and establishments and “show” them how it was done. A sharp business eye and great communication skills, Bowman decided to develop a culinary business on his own. As a businessman, he developed three different concepts of his restaurant, bought his software and set the path that led to Fowl and Fodder. It was a strong vision and pure determination that allowed Bowman to get as far as he did so quickly.

The whole idea was conceived in 2013 when after researching dietary elements in processed food, he was shocked with the phenomenal number of chemicals he discovered. “There has to be a better way,” said Bowman, “to feed a growing population.” He has a strong constitution in believing mass farming techniques and practices are not sustainable for people. Bowman became majorly concerned about this as he studied the rate of childhood illnesses linked to nutrition. Instead of standing aside and just reading the statistics, he took it upon himself to make a change. “It will be my generation that will change things. I’d like to be a part of it” Bowman added. Bowman did not see the trend. He saw the bigger picture of health in general. At the age of 32, Bowman is the proud father of four children.

With the help from his family, a little bank roll, the support of the Toledo Chamber of Commerce and a kicked-up kick starter campaign, one by one, merchants and businesses banked on Bowman. They saw his vision of a purely organic restaurant that not only promoted health, but embraced the community of local farmers and suppliers, and boost the economic climate of the area. His only fear was just because he liked the idea didn’t mean the town would embrace it. That surely was not the case. You will not find the shelves behind the counter or in the kitchen filled with commercial cans but flourishing with fresh fruits and vegetables carefully chosen by Bowman. The walls that canvas the sitting area for the customers are a laden with names of the 292 contributors and backers that believed in Bowman’s vision. The 25-day campaign to raise $20K was an all or nothing deal. The restaurant opened its doors on July 17th of this year. But dinner’s not over yet. Bowman has plans for two more locations including a bed & breakfast.

Shop closes down at seven promptly every evening for the specific purpose of Bowman removing the chef’s hat and putting on the daddy-cap. This man’s passion for food, the joy of watching his patrons enjoy meals that he specifically created, and the love of responsibility to his family have surely created Northwest Ohio’s “Renaissance Man.”

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9 Ways to Save Money While Back-to-School Shopping http://kloodin.com/brandy/9-ways-to-save-money-while-back-to-school-shopping/ http://kloodin.com/brandy/9-ways-to-save-money-while-back-to-school-shopping/#comments Mon, 01 Sep 2014 03:31:33 +0000 http://kloodin.com/?p=798 Parents spend an average of $179 per child on back-to-s […]

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Attribution: Flickr;  Roberto VerzoParents spend an average of $179 per child on back-to-school shopping purchases, according to a survey conducted by Parenting.com and Women & Co. When kids are constantly in need of the latest fashions, it’s easy to overspend as the new school year begins. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to save money on your back-to-school purchases while still allowing your child to stay trendy. Check out these tips.

1. Sell Before You Buy

Short on funds? Help your child sort through his or her clothing and get rid of the clothes that no longer fit or that he/she doesn’t wear. If your child is resistant to purging, make a deal. For every three items they sell, they get to purchase a new item in its place.

2. Go Thrift Shopping

Believe it or not, some fantastic finds can be found at your local thrift store, consignment shop and yard sale. These places generally sell gently used clothing at a deep discount.

3. Hit Up Those Discount Chains

If no good finds are to be had while thrift shopping, make your way to the big retailers. Stores like T.J. Maxx and Target offer stylish bargains, including trendy clothing, shoes and accessories.

4. Shop Out of Season

Who’s going to know those cute jeans were last season’s style? Shopping out of season allows you to buy great items at low prices. Shop for spring and summer clothing in the fall, and purchase your fall and winter looks during the spring.

5. Print or Input Coupons

Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, don’t pass up a good paper coupon or digital coupon code. Nearly all big retailers offer coupons that can give you a percentage off of your total purchase or some other fabulous deal. If you’re on-the-go, use your smartphone to find clothing coupons to use during checkout.

6. Stick to the Classics

While it may be tempting to purchase super-trendy items, chances are these items will be out-of-style before you know it. As the item sits in the closet untouched, you’ve wasted money on something that will probably never be worn again. Stick with the classics to avoid wasted cash, such as jeans, t-shirts, blouses, and neutral skirts.

7. Repurpose Older Clothing

If you don’t have any extra cash to spare for back-to-school shopping, consider repurposing older clothes to make them look new and trendy. For example, cut off a pair of old shorts to make “destroyed” shorts, a popular trend. Old shirts and tank tops can also be repurposed with a needle and thread, or just a pair of scissors.

8. Swap with Friends

At the start of every season, have your child swap clothes with family members or friends to give them new-to-them items to wear. Trading clothing can be fun and allows you to get a whole new wardrobe without spending a dime.

9. Opt for Neutral Colors

Choose neutral items when buying clothing as neutrals are versatile enough to create numerous outfits with. For example, a simple black tank top can be paired with a pair of jeans and a blouse, or a pair of trousers and a flattering jacket, or even a skirt and a sweater – your options are limitless.

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The Most Popular Infographics Today http://kloodin.com/sarah/the-most-popular-infographics-today/ http://kloodin.com/sarah/the-most-popular-infographics-today/#comments Sat, 30 Aug 2014 18:08:48 +0000 http://kloodin.com/?p=739 Although used historically, infographics have become in […]

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Although used historically, infographics have become increasingly popular over the last decade. The purpose of infographics is to make a large set of data easier to understand. This goal translates into both beautiful design, and interesting educational materials about any subject in the world. Graphic designers love infographics, business owners love infographics, and Pinterest lovers collect them on their boards to memorialize everything current, eye-catching, and enlightening. Here are a few that have been making waves across the internet this week.

What Does Your Logo Say About You? 

This infographic analyzes the logos of top American companies. What is the most popular color used in logos today? Blue, but red and black/grayscale are close behind. Ninety five percent of all logos use only one or two colors. Forty one percent use only text (no images). It describes what qualities certain colors convey to their audience. Orange is energetic and friendly, green implies good health, and both blue and brown connote dependability. Did you know that sans serif fonts are seen as the most contemporary? Script fonts can make a brand seem more artistic. All of this information could be useful to anyone involved in a branding or rebranding project. Best of all, the visual layout makes it easy to understand.

What Music Should You Listen to on the Job? 

According to this infographic from bitrebels.com, the optimal music you listen to at work depends on what job you do. The top lists a key of genres, including ambient, indie rock, smooth jazz, punk, and country. The flowchart format begins by asking, “Are you on the move while at work?” Other questions ask if your work is creative, if you drive a motorized vehicle, if you are on your feet, and if you work with people. Once you find the job closest to what you do, the music suggestions are listed. Artists, musicians and writers have no restrictions. Baristas should avoid punk and heavy metal. Athletes or coaches should pick rap, punk, or rock. Certain professions, such as teaching, recommend avoiding music all together.

World Wide Cellphone Etiquette 

Who knew that cellphone etiquette differs around the world? With the popularization of infographics, it is easy to learn about topics that one has never previously considered. RepairLabs crunched the data, and transformed it into a two dimensional work of art. In Egypt, when you call someone, it is expected to exchange pleasantries for five minutes before getting down to business. Giving phone numbers out to strangers is common. In contrast, Russians will either not say anything when answering the phone, or demand to know who is calling. Voicemail is not common. Brazillians consider it rude to not answer a call, so phones are often used in meetings and movies. French people speak softly and avoid yelling into the receiver. In Thailand, the caller allows the phone to ring until it is answered, instead of hanging up after four rings.

Infographics are a fun way to research a topic, or entertain yourself online. Pinterest is a hub of great designs that link to the original sites. If you are the ambitious type, there are even info graphics on how to make an infographic. They are a valuable tool for anyone looking to share their content with the world.




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When I was still in middle and high school, I always hated writing, and never understood why. Every time I was given an essay assignment in school, I’d start to stress. Writing wasn’t my thing, and I finally figured out why – because I was told what to write, never to just write what I wanted to write about. download (2)

As I started to write more and more, I realized that I do, in fact, love writing. When I’m able to write about something I am interested in, it all just comes naturally. The same concept goes for others and what they become interested in. It becomes a hobby, then eventually a lifestyle.

Finding what you love to do isn’t hard at all. Whether you actually look, or you just stumble upon it, once you figure it out, it’ll be hard to stop. Finding a hobby is great for your free time, and it’s also great for relieving stress. Who can be stressed out while they’re doing something they love to do?

Relieving stress is also great for your help, so finding a hobby that makes you happy is in turn great for your health. When I realized I love to write articles, it becomes my getaway place when I find myself stressed out or nervous. Find what you love to do – and don’t give it up. Doing what you love, whether it’s just a hobby or a lifestyle, is an important key to a happy life!

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